Transportation Facts

SMTA has assembled a series of briefing papers on the basics, below, and will be adding more detailed reports, white papers and studies to these pages in the future:

Transportation Funding in Maryland

Maryland is Facing a Transportation Funding Crisis: While our population and travel demand have grown steadily over the past three decades, investment..

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Travel Realities

We live in a growing region of 5.5 million people, with a thriving local economy compared to most. In order to keep our economy strong and protect..

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Transportation Planning in Greater Washington

We know what works and what doesn’t: Fortunately, our region has invested millions of dollars studying transportation needs and proposed projects..

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Major Projects

Major Suburban Maryland transportation projects currently in the pipeline include the following (Please note: MOST of these projects have been under study)..

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Transportation Priorities

Each year, the Maryland Department of Transportation receives letters from each County in the State and the City of Baltimore, outlining their transportation priorities..

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Traffic Studies & Links to Key Transportation Resources

Several major planning documents have been completed and various major studies are moving forward in Maryland, including the following..

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