About Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance.

Unique Focus and Organizational Structure

SMTA was established to provide expert analysis, public education and ongoing advocacy for an efficient, safe and balanced transportation network in Suburban Maryland. We are full-time advocates for sound, balanced and sustainable transportation policies. SMTA’s public policy and research initiatives are developed in consultation with an Advisory Board composed of leading transportation experts in our area, from various disciplines including traffic engineering, transportation planning, zoning and land-use policy, alternative transportation modes, public policy and finance. SMTA’s Board of Directors (currently in formation) provides oversight, develops policies and provides strategic vision and guidance to the organization.

A separate foundation has also been established under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code: The Suburban Maryland Transportation Foundation, Inc. (SMTF) will provide ongoing research and educational programming.

Mission & Purpose

To educate policymakers and residents of Suburban Maryland on the real choices we face in improving transportation in the Greater Washington region, to advocate for increased funding for transportation including mass transit and roads, and to encourage leaders at the local, state and regional levels to commit those funds to cost-effective capacity improvements that do the most good in relieving traffic congestion and improving mobility.

Top Legislative Priorities:

  • Increase dedicated funding for transportation infrastructure in Maryland, (consistent with Governor Martin O’Malley’s Blue Ribbon Task Force recommendation to add at least $800 million in new annual revenues to the Transportation Trust Fund).
  • Protect the Maryland Transportation Trust Fund from future “raids” or other transfers to the General Fund.
  • Identify and Advocate for those key transit and road improvements that provide the most benefits to area residents in terms of reduced congestion, improved system performance and cost-effectiveness.