Jennifer Russel, Vice-Chair

Director of Planning and a Principal at Rodgers Consulting, Inc., a civil engineering and planning firm based in Germantown, Maryland, largely responsible for the bulk of the engineering work completed at the award-winning Kentlands and Lakelands during the early days of neo-traditional town planning. Ms. Russel specializes in New Urbanist, infill development, land-use and related transportation issues in Montgomery and Frederick Counties, and was appointed the first Clarksburg Ombudsman in 2006 to lead Montgomery County’s problem-solving efforts there. She also served as Planning Director for the City of Gaithersburg, Maryland, and brings a wealth of private and public-sector experience to her role as Chair.

Samuel Raker, Treasurer & Chair Emeritus

Retired engineer and former Co-Chair of the Montgomery County Planning Board’s 2002 Transportation Policy Report Task Force, former public affairs specialist with the Maryland Department of Transportation, and former Executive Director of Committee for Montgomery.

Emmet Tydings, Chair/Co-Founder

President of AB&T Telecom in Columbia, Maryland, and long-time regional transportation policy advocate, serving since 2002 on the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board, and since 2014 on the Greater Olney Civic Association Transportation Committee, and presently sitting on the long range transportation plan task force at MWCOG, and current board member of the Howard County Tech Council.

Edgar Gonzalez, Executive Director

Retired Professional Engineer with 45 years of Engineering and Transportation Planning experience, including 30 years as Chief Transportation Engineer and Deputy Director of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation. Co-Founder of SMTA. Served in the 2002 Transportation Policy Report and represented the Montgomery County Executive Branch in the Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board for 10 years.