Maryland Blue Ribbon Commission Recommends $870 Million in New Transportation Funding


Maryland’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding, appointed by Governor Martin O’Malley, approved a package of recommendations this week, calling for $870 million in new transportation investment to fix crumbling roads and address the nation’s worst congestion.  The Commission is recommending a constitutional amendment to protect the Transportation Trust Fund from future diversions of funds to non-transportation purposes — a welcome change from our standpoint.  New revenues, including a 15-cent increase in the Maryland gas tax, phased in over three years, increased vehicle registration fees and transit fare hikes are also recommended.  Read more on the Blue Ribbon Commission website.  

Current Costs of Congestion and Deteriorating Facilities FAR OUTWEIGH the Costs of Any Increase in the Gas Tax.  Currently, each Maryland resident is paying almost $1,500 a year in wasted fuel and extra maintenance as a result of crumbling and overcrowded roads, bridges and transit facilities.  In contrast, each 5-cent increase in the gas tax will only cost the average family about $25 per year, well worth the savings in time and money.

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