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MD Blue Ribbon Commission Calls for $800 Million in New Funds

February 20, 2011 | Author: John Fineran

Task Force Issues Call to "Restore Trust" in Transportation Trust Fund This week Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding issued a strongly worded report to the Maryland General Assembly, highlighting the urgent need for additional funds.  View the full report here.  Included in the Appendices are several interesting charts and data tables, including one listing the nearly $1 billion that has been diverted from the Transportation Trust Fund and not paid back (mainly from the localities' Highway User Fund accounts), and a menu of options for legislators to...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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New Report Highlights Cost of NOT Investing in Transit

February 3, 2011 | Author:MoveMDweb

A new report issued by The Road Information Project (TRIP), a national transportation think-tank, highlights the cost to Maryland citizens of the Free State's continued failure to invest in its surface transportation network. According to the report, "with the state's population continuing to grow, Maryland must improve its systems of roads, bridges, and public transit to foster economic growth, keep business in the state, and ensure the safe, reliable mobility needed to improve the quality of life for all residents."  Among its key findings: 44% of the major roads in...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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DC Area Surpasses Los Angeles for Nation’s Worst Traffic!

January 20, 2011 | Author: John Fineran

Decades of under-investment, fiscal neglect and local opposition to suburban Maryland’s transportation priorities have finally gotten us somewhere – number one on the list of most congested metropolitan areas in the US – according to a recent study cited by the Washington Post. The news comes as no surprise. The latest Texas Transportation Institute Urban Mobility Report ranks the Washington, D.C., region number 1 (tied with Chicago) in peak hour delays, with 70 hours lost per commuter, per year, on average, in our region. What could you do with an...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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