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A Day in Washington Without the Metro

March 20, 2016 | Author: John Fineran

On Wednesday this week, Metro experienced a rare system-wide shut-down, as WMATA's General Manager Paul Wiedefeld addressed urgent electrical issues that posed an urgent safety hazard according to Metro officials.  So what was the impact on area traffic? The Washington Post ran a very interesting article in the Sunday edition analyzing the impacts.  It is worth a read.  Here is the link, if you missed it. Metro clearly plays a key role in meeting the diverse travel needs of an even more diverse region, but the fact that people found ways...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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Governor Hogan Approves Purple Line & $2 Billion in Roads, Bridges

June 25, 2015 | Author:MoveMDweb

In a major development in Annapolis today, Governor Larry Hogan just announced his support for the Purple Line, one of SMTA's top-priority projects, and a major investment in Maryland's underfunded roads and bridges across the state.  Details of his announcement include the following: Maryland will invest nearly $2 billion in long overdue road and bridge improvements all across the state (including two of SMTA’s top priorities – interim improvements to I-270 and construction of the Greenbelt interchange on 495).  The Governor is committed to restoring the local highway user funds that...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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DC to Baltimore in 15 Minutes? Governor Hogan Says Maglev is Worth Study

June 5, 2015 | Author: John Fineran

The Baltimore Sun reports today that Governor Hogan, after riding some of Japan's most advanced maglev (Magnetic Levitation) train systems, some of which can exceed 300 mph, he will seek $28 million in grants to study bringing this technology to the Baltimore-Washington corridor. Here is a link to the Baltimore Sun article: Various proposals have been put forward to introduce Maglev technology into the United States, and particularly the crowded Northeast corridor, as a way to provide more efficient city-to-city service. Cost estimates for a Maglev line from DC to...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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ICC Time Savings Confirmed in New Study

June 1, 2015 | Author:MoveMDweb

In the long debate over the InterCounty Connector (ICC), the project's expected time-savings were often challenged by project opponents.  Turns out, as with most of their claims, the opponents were dead wrong. A new study confirms travel time savings in this corridor as a result of the ICC that are right in line with the projections published in the Environmental Impact Statement documents and often cited by Maryland transportation officials and advocates in support of its construction.  How big are the time savings, now that the road is open?  Here...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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Purple Line Decision May Come in June

May 21, 2015 | Author: John Fineran

After several meetings with Maryland Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn and other senior Hogan Administration figures, SMTA and other Purple Line supporters continue to present our case.  Today, County Executives Ike Leggett and Rushern Baker met with Governor Larry Hogan in Annapolis.  Initial press reports indicate it went pretty well, but it now seems likely a decision won’t be made until June. See the two articles below for details. We encourage all SMTA supporters to continue making the case that the transportation and economic benefits of the Purple Line...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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MD Transportation Update – New Leadership, Upcoming Events, Other News

May 18, 2015 | Author:MoveMDweb

Final Decision Nears on Purple Line SMTA is urging our members to contact Maryland Governor Larry Hogan this week to support construction of the Purple Line. In recent days, Governor Hogan has signaled continued concern over costs.  However, studies continue to show far more economic benefits, including job growth that, in our view, make it a sound investment.  The link above brings you to the Governor's public comment page, and we hope you will take a moment to weigh in today or tomorrow, as a decision may be immient: The Purple Line has already secured a $900 million commitment in...regional poll of 800 residents in Maryland, DC and Virginia support:

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